Expanding our Wings in the Middle East


Protek Korchem is not just a chemicals selling company – a true solution provider

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Site Survey

A detailed site survey by Protek for unique proposition before advising a particular Cleaning Program and Products.

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Educating Janitors

Educating the safety measures to prevent the hazards that affect the aesthetics, integrity and longevity of expensive Infrastructure and personal safety by avoiding the usage of wrong cleaning products / improper usage.

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Budget Control

Customized Budget Solutions with the best possible program are designed to the customers’ requirements.

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Documental Evidence of Practices & Services

At regular intervals, monitoring product usage, practices & results will be done to weigh against the set criterion; and are recorded to be presented for periodical reviews with the Top Management of the facilities.

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Monitoring Total Cost of Cleaning

Minutely tracking the practices & monitoring them for avoidable hidden costs, uncontrolled usage of chemicals and associated risks.

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Savings on Utilities Cost

With the support of our American partner Kor-Chem, we offer many breakthrough chemical technologies & solutions not only offer huge savings on utilities but also ensure enhanced asset life.

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Continual Training

Protek Korchem closely interacts with the Operations Teams at the customer facility, ensuring they are periodically updated, and trained, also covering the new team members.

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Support for Facility External Audits

Protek Korchem helps the customers, during their preparations, to face the external Audits, identifying the gaps in the cleaning & hygiene protocols, helps to adhere to safety standards and training systems, keep documents in order, initiate quick refresher trainings, etc.

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