Expanding our Wings in the Middle East

Innovation And R&D

Aspirational Leadership Sets the Tone; Application Research Leads the Way

Innovative, need-based (market needs AND environmental needs), customer-driven R&D is our lifeline into the future, and our plant features a full-fledged Application Research Laboratory (ARL), with best-in-class facilities and an experienced pool of techno-professionals.

The focus of Application Research here is both product-centric and customer-centric, and an all-out effort is made to meet, satisfy and exceed the customers’ existent and emergent needs and requirements.

Neochem’s ARL team, thanks to their frontline expertise, has a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of chemical applications, and the various facets of their usages at the customers’ end, and can thus offer customers optimal product solutions – optimizing the total usage cost of Protek Kor-Chem’s products at their end. Once again, advantage Procurement Team!

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